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Injection cosmetology


An exciting and revolutionary skin boosting treatment which involves injecting the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid into the deeper levels of the skin to deliver a double result:

  • Intense hydration resulting in a radiant glow and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Remodelling of the skin with stimulation of your own elastin and collagen to produce lasting tightening, lifting and firming of the skin.

While there are visible results after the first treatment, we recommend two treatments four weeks apart to achieve the maximum flawless effect. In those with significant volume loss, a third treatment is recommended to achieve the desired result. Following this, a maintenance treatment is recommended every 6 months.

Not just a treatment for your face and neck, it can also rejuvenate your decolletage, hands, arms, legs, back and abdomen.

Frequently asked questions

What is involved?

We start with a thorough consultation to discuss your medical history, assess your needs and address any concerns that you may have. We will discuss potential risks and proceed with treatment if suitable. Profhilo is injected using very small needles at five points beneath the skin on each side of the face. While it is relatively painless and generally well tolerated, there is minor, short lived discomfort
associated with the injection. This can be reduced by using an anaesthetic cream prior to treatment if required.

Following injection, Profhilo spreads rapidly under the skin infusing instant hydration. After the treatment, it continues to work by activating your own elastin and collagen to commence the tightening and lifting effect. A course of two treatments, four weeks apart is advised for optimum results. After the treatment, we will provide aftercare instructions.

Is there downtime required ?

Yes, 24 hours. There will be ten small bumps on your face at the injection points which typically disappear within 24 hours but can occasionally last for 48 hours following treatment.

Is the treatment suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding ?

We do not recommend any injectable treatment during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Treatment suitability

We do not recommend injectable treatments if you are feeling unwell or have suffered with a recent illness. If you have any underlying allergies, autoimmune or medical conditions please contact us to discuss whether you are suitable for injectable treatments.

How long does it take to carry out the treatment ?

The treatment including a thorough consultation typically takes 45 minutes with additional time allowed to address concerns and answer any questions that you may have.

How long do the results last for ?

Following the initial and maintenance treatments, the result from Profhilo typically lasts for 6 months. We advise our patients on an individual basis depending on your result, but generally suggest a maintenance treatment every 6 months.


Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment. Avoid any other beauty or aesthetic treatment two weeks prior to treatment. Avoid taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen as well as fish oils, St Johns Worst or Vitamin E for 7 days prior to treatment as these may increase the risk of bleeding and bruising at the treatment site. Please do not wear makeup prior to


Avoid wearing makeup for 12 hours after treatment. Avoid alcohol and vigorous exercise until redness or bruising has subsided and for 48 hours after treatment. Avoid excessive touching, rubbing or massaging the injected areas, pat only as needed for 48 hours post treatment. Avoid using retinol or vitamin A treatments for 48 hours after treatment. Avoid any other skin treatment for 2 weeks after.

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